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What Parents Are Saying

We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude for the wonderful schooling experience you have provided for our son. We have witnessed a growth in confidence, respect, academic understanding and a re-awakening of our son’s and our own spiritual beliefs. You and your dedicated staff have created a wonderful environment for our son and all the children who attend your school.

My wife and I wish to thank you and your staff sincerely for the dedication, professionalism and tireless effort shown by all members of your staff. For the last four years, my daughter had the privilege to be a part of your new school and the fact that she has become quite a mature young lady with a thirst for learning, has a fantastic vocabulary and the best of manners, reflects very much on the teaching of your school. In fact, she has received the Gift of Learning.

We’d like to express how very pleased we have been with TLA in regards to our daughter. Since entering the intermediate program in public school, she had been doing poorer and poorer in school and was gradually losing interest to the point that she was beginning to hate school. And this was a student who had loved school in the primary program! Needless to say, we were quite distraught. The change in her has been truly amazing. She is now much more studious and often tells us that she loves TLA. She is now a happier person and of course, the family atmosphere is much improved. Another surprising development is that our daughter is kinder and more polite (two qualities we have always emphasized) to her 6-year old sister.

Here at TLA, you students have had the benefit of something truly special that will stand in enormous good stead over the years to come. I am not only thinking now of all that the teachers have helped you to learn academically. I am thinking of the character formation you have received. TLA has helped to mold your character into the fine young men and women you are today. It is this moral, spiritual and intellectual character that will take you very far in the years ahead.

1999 graduation ceremony presentation excerpt by the father of a graduate

TLA is a very special place. TLA builds character because TLA has character – and in spades! TLA has moral fibre, it has spiritual fibre, it has intellectual fibre. How fortunate we parents are to have such a wonderful learning environment for our children. As parents we want the very best for our children – and that is what the staff of this school have given to our sons and daughters.

Better to illuminate than merely to shine,
to deliver to others contemplated truths than merely to contemplate.

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I look forward to offering you a tour of the school and an opportunity to answer your questions,
in the hope that you will consider becoming part of our school community. ~ Martin Dale, Principal